Marie J. Bendeck

Marie J. Bendeck

I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on my 23,1983. I have now lived in Barcelona for 4 years and a half I graduated from the Catholic University in Honduras where I obtained a bachelor’s b degree in Affirmance.  I then attended the Sorbonne School in Paris where I studied French for half a year. After waiting for years, my parents finally decided to let me fulfill my dream of studying fashion design, so I took off to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I started my degree in fashion design, I attended the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires for 8 months, I then had to leave the career because of the loss of my father, after that happened, and regained strength, I promised I would finished my career and decided to come to Barcelona where I attended the design school od Felicidad dice in 2008. After my experience in Felicidad Duce, I wanted to learn more pattern design, I am now graduating from Escuela Guerrero where I have concluded my studies as a fashion designer.

I like to think of myself as a trend hunter, a visionary, and have high expectations for the future to come.

This summer 2012 collection is inspired in birds. All types of birds. With different shapes, and colors,  I chose this theme because it’s so versatile and it has alot of movement.

The fabrics I used are mainly light fabrics, such as cotton, gauze, and to give it a more texturized touch, velvet.

I combine  a solid color with a  variety of other colors that are more alive, to contrast between the human skin and bird features such as colors they have on their wings, their eyes, there are  also some very sober pieces that represent the dark side of these animals, which to me is the raven.

The lines I use are A lines mainly,  there are also very straight lines, for jeans and tops with various cuts in the same garment. The color range is very wide , starting from yellow,  green  and pink to darker colors like red, purple and black.


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